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Sexy live wallpaper- is it safe to download it?

Sexy live wallpapers are in most of the cases just live wallpapers for adults. They are programs made for Android devices and techically they are no different from other live wallpapers except their content is often x-rated, so are not suitable for underaged persons. Most of these can be found on usual Android marketplaces and most of them are free to try and download.

Before you head to download sexy live wallpaper on your device, read application’s system requirements to ensure you experience no problems with launching the app. Some of these apps can slow down your phone and/or use up your device’s battery more quickly than usual, so be sure to read aplication’s rating and user’s comments. Also, re-check how much of free spacedo you have on your device and how much space is needed for the application to run. If you have hardware that came with Android version older than 2.0, or some previous OS, check if desired application is suitable for it. Some older Android OS can probably work with some simple app, but you should have at least 2.0 to avoid any slow downs and complications. Otherwise than that, these apps are safe for download, as they are normal live wallpapers, just with explicit content.

When you are searching for sexy live wallpapers, you could try searching adult or 18+ categories, or include keywords “sexy live wallpaper” or “sexy LWP” in some search engine. When you download your sexy live wallpaper, go to your home screen, hit menu and there you will find “wallpapers” button. By clicking on that button, you will open sub-menu with list of downloaded wallpapers. Choose Live wallpaper and pick your sexy live wallpaper you just downloaded, and set it as a background. Some of sexy live wallpapers will also have additional settings you can configure.

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